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Yerevan, the city where I live

I am from Yerevan. My city is very old but there are many new buildings and districts in Yerevan. There are beautiful parks and fountains in the city. There is an Opera and Ballet House in the very centre. There are universities, theatres, museums and galleries, too. There are a few shopping malls where you can buy almost everything. If you want a cup of coffee or a delicious snack you can visit the cafes near Cascade. I love my city and enjoy living here.

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There is, there are

There are many leaves.
There is a woman.
There are some pencils.
There is an orange.
There is a book.
There are three balloons.
There is a bear.
There are a few bees.
There is an ant.
There are grapes.

There are some bananas.
There is a clock.
There is a butterfly.
There are two lamps.
There are some books.
There is some water.
There are some tomatoes.
There are two mice.
There is a parrot.
There is a cat.

There is a Spanish girl in my class.
There is a pencil in my schoolbag.
There are five apples in the basket.
There is a jumper on the chair.
There is a spider in the grass.
There are some children in the house.
There are six forks next to the plate.
There is a panda in the zoo.
There are some pigs in the field.
There is a mouse under the tree.
There are three birds on the roof.
There is a good singer on the radio.
There are many insects in the sky.
There are many people in this place.
There is some water in the glass.

Is there any coffee left?
There aren’t any cookies in this jar.
There are a lot of things to do.
There isn’t much money.
There is something more.
How many students are there in your class?
There aren’t many wild animals around here.
How much sugar is there?
There is someone here.
Is there any furniture in the room?
There are a lot of fish in this river.
There is nothing like a mother.
There isn’t too much noise.