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1.The  student is at the library.

2.The students are at school.

3.She is in the taxi.

4.He is on the train.

5.The boy is at the park.

6.The man is at the store.

7.He is at work.

8.He is  in the restauant.


1.Where are the cooks?

They’re in the kitchen.

2.Where are the students?

They’re at the zoo.

3.Where is he?

He is on the train.



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  1. Is Ms.Leea teacher or a student?

She is a teacher

2.Is Mr.Thomas a police offiser or a train conductor?

He is a police officer.

3.Is Mrs. Hall an offise worker or a shopkeeper?

She is a shopkeeper.

4.Is Ms.Baker a pilot or a doctor ?

She is a doctor.

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Family members

1.My grandmother is my mother’s mother.

2.My grandfather is my father’s father.

3.My father is my mother’s husband.

4.My mother is my father’s wife.

5.My aunt is my father՛s sister.

6.My uncle is my father’s brother

7.My brother is my father’s son.

8.My sister is my mother’s daughter.

9.My father is my grandfather’s son.

10.My mother is my grandmother’s daughter.



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My family

I am Garnik. This is my family. I have a father and a mother. My father’s name is Gagik. He is an economist. And my mother`s name is Christine. She is an accountant. I have a brother. My brother’s name is Alex. He is a pupil. I have a grandmother. She is not young. She is old. My grandmother is a housewife.

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Engish 20.11.2019

What do you want?

I want a peach?

Do you want tea?

No, I don’t.(Yes,I do)

What does she want?

She wants a pancake

Does she want an omelet?

No,she doesn’t .(Yes,she does)

What do you want?

I want a pear?

Do you want yogurt?

No, I don’t.(Yes, I do)

What does she want?

She wants hot chocolate.

Does she want cereal?

No , she doesn’t.(Yes, She does)