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Blackie’ and the Milkman’s Horse

Once upon a time there was a horse whose name was Reginald. When he was out delivering the milk he used to meet his friend Blackie, who was a little black dog. Now Reggie didn’t want to be a milkman’s horse; he wanted to be a racehorse and win the Derby. And Blackie who had rather short legs, wanted to run very fast like a greyhound. One afternoon they were sitting in Reggie’s stable playing snakes and ladders when Blackie had an idea. “Why not eat coal?” he said. “Trains eat coal and they run fast.” And they decided to try. So they went down to the coal cellar and were just going to take some coal when the landlady came along. “What! Stealing my coal!” she said, and she picked up a piece of coal and threw it at them. They ran away. Faster than ever in their lives. Blackie ‘blaki was out delivering the milk. Reggie ‘redal-Peak (garenbureADDe Or Pedocumaasdy playing snakes and ladders. Just then the Mayor was looking out of the window. His name was William”Upon my word le seid, that horse can run fast. I bet he could win the Derby.” “And look at that dog: a greyhound it is! I’ll give them each a medal. And he did.


Մխիթար Սեբաստացի կրթահամալիր, Արևմտյան դպրոց, 6.5 դասարան

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